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Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all within sight of this journal

We ended up having nine for Thanksgiving, and sitting down after four o'clock. Several people we had invited canceled, so we had: folkmew; edstauff; their kids, R and C; madfilkentist; orawnzva, whom I'd fetched from Waltham earlier in the day; our daughter, T; persis; and me.

I was sent to the store yesterday with orders to fetch home a 25-lb. bird. I found a 24.25-lb bird: close enough. persis trimmed off some fat, and it shrank while being cooked, and then we tore into it. After we were done, and some food had been packed up for orawnzva to take away, we were left with just over three pounds of turkey meat in a large baggie in the fridge, a drumstick on T's plate to be finished later, and a carcass merrily boiling on the stove. Plus a great many other leftovers: see below.

In addition to the turkey, there were: mashed potatoes; sweet potatoes with marshmallows; broccoli (the store was quite out of green beans); two kinds of some yellow vegetables, mixed, with garlic in (garlic is its own antidote; you give it to your friends, so they can stand to be around you, and you have to eat it, or you won't be able to be around them); stuffing (bread and corn bread, mixed); a huge amount of gravy; two kinds of cranberry sauce (with and without orange peel, with Splenda and sugar in, respectively); pecan spins (a sort of cinnamon roll, forgotten in the microwave and served late); apple cider (not the English kind); some cranberry fizzy drink; other beverages (e.g., I had some Dr. Pepper to counteract the tryptophan); apple crisp; and pumpkin flan (folkmew found the recipe on the web somewhere). I'm sure I've omitted something, maybe several somethings. madfilkentist brought a chocolate assortment; we ate them all up. I think we forgot to break out the ice cream to eat with the apple crisp.

The dull THUD you may have heard in the distance was me, exploding, from eating too much. It's a tradition. I'll start eating again on Saturday. Maybe. After they put Humpty Dumpty me together again.

Music was made during much of the evening in the living room. Ben and MEW played guitar; Gary and Ed the piano; various people sang. T built a fire in our fireplace (the first, I think, in the eight and a half years we have lived in this house). Some of us watched the BBC version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Then Gary gave Ben a ride home on his way back to New Hamster.

T was unhappy several times (there was yelling, at and by), but it was a mostly happy occasion. There were toasts to absent friends (too many to count, and some of them very missed, indeed) and to Persis, who did most of the work. (Thanks again and again and again.) The last thing (before writing this) was my reading chapter four of Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors (book four, by Jenny Nimmo) to T, and putting her to bed. Meanwhile, Persis was putting out the fire in the fireplace and harvesting the turkey stock from the boiled carcass.

We have much to be thankful for. Family and friends, food on the table, a roof over our heads, a warm house – the list goes on and on and on. If I even tried to list the people, I'd be sure to leave some out. If I listed everything else, perhaps I would find out the limit on the size of a journal entry. (I started a couple of lists, as many of my friends have posted, but I am too detail-oriented; they quickly became too long to put here.) We are aware of much of our bounty; I hope there is not too much that we won't appreciate properly until it's gone.

And now to bed. Snore.
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