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So, terms of service?

Imagine that you had a family member who wanted very badly to do something, something that the family could not afford. Now, for the regional version of this thing, ads could be sold, and they might, in this "hypothetical" case, make participation possible at (for example) the New England level.

However, selling ads for the International version might be a lot harder. For example, how many business in one's home town (in Massachusetts) would be interested in buying an ad to appear in a publication in another country? For example, consider a suburb of Montreal, which is not really that far from New England, but is hundreds of miles (and a national and cultural border) from the part of it where we live.

It seems more difficult, then, to sell ads to local business, while other kinds of ads (to non-local businesses, friends and relatives) are no easier. Meanwhile, international participation is much more expensive, since fees are higher and there are additional costs.

Now, at the regional level, there have been participants who were less well-off than we are, and in addition to or instead of selling ads, some of them had sponsors, which is a variation on that theme that I hadn't known about until recently.

So I have looked at the Live Journal terms of service, with its discussion of unauthorized advertising, and I find myself wondering, would realistic solicitation of ads and/or sponsorship be a violation of the LJ terms of service? This is not, after all, a charity fund drive or something like that. The line seems fuzzy here.

Failing that, and being more oblique, suggestions for fund-raising strategies would be welcome, especially ones that could be completed in three weeks or less.
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