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A spill of Hippo Birdies, sinking slowly, singing

My friend, thnidu, linked to this in his journal:

     The Wizard of Oil

This is for all those unfortunates who don't have Mark on their friends lists. I did what I rarely do, and e-mailed it to a bunch of my friends. After picking myself up off the floor, still giggling.

It's very long. I haven't got all the way through it, yet. Someone witty, with way too much time on their hands, knows how to edit images. And has a really big axe to grind.

Well, as long as I'm journaling today, after all:

     Happy Birthday to two friends of whom I think the world, katyhh and ohiblather! May you have many more in good health and friendship.

Our performances start this weekend. We'll be doing our solo parts at the first and last shows, Saturday 1 April 2006 at 3pm, and Sunday 9 April at 6pm. We'll also be in the Sunday 2 April 2pm and Saturday 8 April 7pm shows, but singing chorus parts. (The opera is dual-cast, and the solos are quad-cast, so there will be substitutes for every part if actors can't make it.)

Judging by the train-wrecks of the dress rehearsals last weekend, the opening date is sadly appropriate (though it should still be quite entertaining), but I'm sure we are all studying our lines, parts and blocking frantically all week. I am.

I'm thinking of going to the Tech rehearsal tomorrow night. They might need a Majordomo, and they will surely need crash test dummies actors on the stage. persis will go to the contra dance at Springstep in Medford, instead. Our daughter, T, could go either way.

We will be in the opera this year, instead, sadly, of attending FilKONtario, but it will be way cheaper, still musical, and fun. Our best to all our friends we won't see this year, or at least the ones who read this, and especially to those inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame at the banquet on Saturday. We really hate to miss that.

And now off to drop a bunch of dead tape decks at my favorite authorized TASCAM technician's, in Providence. Whee. I have to be back by 4, to pick up my daughter's friend, M, at school, so they can hang out together.
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