Why I'm voting against Romney/Ryan

I'm afraid I snapped, and in so doing, I wrote this essay on Facebook. It seems to have been rather well-received by my small readership, so I am boosting my signal here and on @jspencerlove.

(I hardly ever post here any more, though I still read my friends list, occasionally comment, and am paying for a bunch of user pics I hardly ever use, and to avoid ads. But I haven't actually left the net. I'm a bit more comfortable linking to that from here rather than the other way around.)
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Happy Birthday, Talis!

[Raises periscope.]

It's been altogether too long since I actually posted here. Several friends have deleted their accounts, perhaps moving to other services. In fact, some of them have gone inactive on Facebook, perhaps to G+. But not dead yet.

So for most people I don't waste the bandwidth, but for our favourite English musician after whom we named our daughter, I hope you have a fabulous day. And maybe, that she actually notices this post. Probably some few others might, and if you don't already know whom I'm talking about, check out her web site, and perhaps give her a listen here, here, here, or here. They all appear to be from the same gig, but it's what YouTube turned up.

[Lowers periscope.]
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Get in on ground floor of OWL audience feedback

I commend to your attention the OWL channel.

They haven't formally announced yet, but it's imminent. They would be a Science Fiction, Fantasy and Alternate History channel with all-original programming, to start delivering content in 2010. It's all contingent on financing, which would eventually depend on a subscription model.

Their site includes a BBS where you could ask questions and find out more, but there will be a chat (IRC) at their site at 4 PM (U.S. Eastern Time) today, and at various times in the future. There are Chat and BBS links on their home page, and even an IRC client.

Start-up financing is contingent on interest. Also, this is largely run by fans dissatisfied by existing SF offerings, and they are very receptive to feedback and suggestions. I hope this will become of particular interest to filkers, but if you read SF or watch SF movies, I suggest checking this out. Making your interest visible would be even better.
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Why Obama can count on my vote tomorrow

I'm not much of a joiner. In particular, I am not a member of a political party. I certainly have no desire ever to run for any office. For some people, political affiliations are like their religions, but I am an agnostic.

I encounter web sites (and magazine articles) that try to classify my politics. Those simplistic political quizzes generally classify me as a centrist. I am so not a centrist; my opinions on various issues are all over the map. The quizzes always ask for simplistic answers to complex questions, and the kindest replies I can give them are, "Yes, but..." Party platforms are generally a grab-bag of such simplistic answers, and I have yet to encounter such a package I'd be willing to adopt. There are always at least half a dozen show-stoppers on both sides.

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I wrote in another forum (a huge, off-topic thread in a number of years ago about my position on invading Afghanistan, before that invasion. I have to find that old posting before expanding on that theme here, so it also will have to wait for another day, since I want to post this before Election Day. The summary, as I recall it, was that going into Afghanistan was the right thing to do; Iraq was not, and I feared the latter would starve the former and prevent doing what was necessary. Which is what happened. So this is where I store up I-told-you-so points, if I am lucky.

Bob Asprin has left the building

That's a euphemism that seems oddly fitting, though he's hardly Elvis. I'm so sorry to see him go. I was very sad to read of his passing this morning; I just bought his latest book the day before yesterday.

I recall him quite clearly, filking at Boskone back in the 1970s. There would be a group sing in the early evening, before midnight, anyway, after which most of the fans would filter away. Then Bob and a few other die-hards would gather to talk and sing most or all night, adjourning like-as-not for breakfast between 6 and 7 the next day. He was an oddly charismatic character.

I would have to say that he sort of helped recruit me into the filk-running business, in which I was quite active for more than twenty years. I can't say that Bob was a friend, exactly, but I enjoyed him and his work, and I'm pretty sure he remembered who I am when he saw me at a couple of dozen various cons over the years.

(My other major influence from that time was the late Lisa Raskind. Of course, I've had many influences, plus and minus, but of the three I held in this particular esteem, filkwise, only one is left.)

There has been a lot to remind me of mortality of late, what with our losing Lois Mangan almost two weeks ago, and dealing with my uncle's estate in February, among others. Both Bob and Lois were not that much older than I, and now we're gaining on them.

So, terms of service?

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So I have looked at the Live Journal terms of service, with its discussion of unauthorized advertising, and I find myself wondering, would realistic solicitation of ads and/or sponsorship be a violation of the LJ terms of service? This is not, after all, a charity fund drive or something like that. The line seems fuzzy here.

Failing that, and being more oblique, suggestions for fund-raising strategies would be welcome, especially ones that could be completed in three weeks or less.
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face plant damnit

Well, that puts me in my place

I am working on the lighting plan for the studio control room (and, by extension, for the isolation booth and main recording room).

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So I have been doing research, especially into LED systems. One of the front runners seemed to be the Xtreme Linear LED light fixture. At the specified luminosity and price, it looked like I could have adequate light for about $500, which is not too bad.

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This was their reply:

From:      the LED Light
Subject:   Re: Xtreme Linear Light


You are too much smarter than the engineers who designed the Xtremes.
Therefore, we cannot sell the product to you because you will not be happy
with them.


The LED Light, Inc.
Ph 775-841-4490
Fax 775-841-4491

That's what I get for writing such a long letter, I guess.
(I have redacted the personal name of the respondent.)
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Studio construction

Egad! It's been over a year since my last public post. As I type this, it's quite late, which will help me be brief (normally quite unlike me), I hope.

We moved in here at the end of April, 1997, which is very nearly ten years ago, and started constructing a recording studio in the basement. We raised the ceiling of the main studio (essentially replacing 2x10 wooden joists with 4-inch steel C-beams), and ran out of steam.

Consequently, almost all recording since has been on location, and the equipment has occupied one and a half bedrooms of our house, sufficient for a editing/mixing/mastering room, but nothing else.

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